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Sandy Francaviglia

Sandy has been the Preschool
treasurer since 1998 and the Church
since 2003. She graduated
from SUNY
Oneonta with a Bachelor's
degree in
Elementary Education.
For 10 years,
Sandy was the Youth Group
advisor. She is a
member of the
Praise Musicians, playing
the keyboard,
and along with her husband,
has been an active member of the

church for 20 years.

Church Organist
Janet Hoffner

Janet is a dedicated music educator
and has been working with children
for almost 20 years. She has taught
vocal and classroom music in
grades K - 6, as well as provided both
group and individual instruction
for piano, voice, strings, and
woodwinds. Janet can be heard
performing on clarinet at both
public and private venues
throughout the year with the Concert
Pops Orchestra, and has been
accompanying our worship
service at the organ console since
April of 2010. Janet and her husband
Brian were married in the
Seaford United Methodist Church,
and praise God each and every day
for their loving son and three daughters.

Walter Cook

Walter Cook has worked for Kelmar
Systems Inc. for 17 years. He is currently
a production manager. Walter is a graduate
of the Seaford Preschool , class of 1975
and has grown up in the Methodist Church,
being confirmed in 1985. Throughout
high school and college he worked as
Assistant Sexton here at the Methodist
Church and now, in addition to his
regular career at Kelmar, does a fine job
as our Church and Preschool Sexton.
Walter and his wife, Leslie, were married
in 1999 and they have two beautiful boys.
Walter is active in cub scouts where he is the
cub master for his boy's pack and the
den leader for each of his boys.