Adult Bible Study

"The Bible is the #1 object that has changed the world." 
"It has been translated into over 2000 languages."

"The Bible is the best selling book of all times." 

These are quotes from the History Channel's "101 Objects That Have Changed The World"

It is important for all of us to learn God's word and His plan for our lives.

The purpose of our Adult Bible Study program is to provide the members of our congregation with a variety
of Christian education opportunities that will enhance their understanding of the Christian faith and enable
them to reach out to others as they seek to serve God and to influence the world for good.

Our Sunday morning adult education group meets in the Church Library every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:20 am
to study the Bible and other Christian related material that will enhance our understanding of the Christian life
and equip us to relate to others and the needs of the wider world. 

The Adult Bible Class will be studying the book of Romans.

The participants are encouraged to read the BIBLE for themselves, in order to wrestle
with their personal understandings
and to bring their questions to the group
for further exploration and personal application.      

We welcome anyone to attend Adult Bible Study as often as they can.
If you would like more information about any of these study groups,
contact Pastor Steve or Walter Francaviglia.